Dad’s First Touch

My job has me out of town this week and I am extremely sad about this. I want nothing more then to see my boys but “a man who doesn’t work doesn’t eat”. 

Yesterday I finally had the chance to hold one of my boys. AXtion JAXson had his first encounter with dad outside of his isolette. It was an amazing moment to say the least for me. I think he was just happy I was warm. 

Things hadn’t really sunk in yet for me. I know I’ve got 3 baby boys but it just hadn’t hit me. I didn’t really understand the gravity of what God entrusted me with until the moment I took Jaxson into my arms. As the nurse helped get him into my shirt (they prefer to have skin to skin contact) I felt as if she was Atlas placing the world on top of me. Instantly a love came over me that I couldn’t explain or express in that moment. I love these boys more than words could possibly explain. They don’t need to earn my love or do anything to keep it. I love them just because. 

This is the type of love God has for us. It is unconditional and freely given to us just because. What a truly great God to give us such an undeserved love freely. 

As Jaxson slept comfortably on my chest I began to cry. I can’t explain everything I felt in that moment but it was an amazing time. 
My love for my wife, daughter, and boys has grown so much over the past week. God continues to reveal His faithfulness and love to me and I just hope I can show my family what he is showing me.