Random Facts

I’ve learned a few things about preemies:

They give my boys a dose of caffeine to help them to remember to breathe. Because of the boys being born so early their brains haven’t completely developed and so they don’t always remember to breathe. The caffeine helps keep their little brains thinking and so it helps them to remember to breathe. Just think… You take caffeine to remember what you’ve got to do at work and have the energy to complete it… They take caffeine to remember to inhale and exhale! Pretty crazy right?!

Their weight will go down before it goes up… This is true for our little guys. Current weights are:

Jaxson – 3lbs 6oz 

Luca – 2lbs 11oz

Noah – 3lbs

The reason the babies must stay in the isolette is because they can not regulate their own body temperature. When they are moved to a normal crib it is a huge milestone for them!