2 weeks old! 

I can’t believe the boys are already 2 weeks old! Just wanted to give a quick update, they are all doing very well! They are each growing and increasing the amount of milk they are getting and the amount of calories being fortified into the breast milk. I’m trying desperately to keep up with the demand, but it’s inevitable that they will need to be supplemented with some formula eventually, and that’s okay. Producing enough milk for 3 babies is tough! Other than that we really don’t have very much to update, and that is a great thing! They are just trying to fatten the babies up so they can come home with us. 

 Here are a few pictures from Father’s Day! It was such a special moment to get to hold all the babies at the same time. I’m sure they liked being together again too 😊  

Thank you for the continued prayers, clearly they are working! God is so faithful and we are confident he is going to use our boys to show the doctors just how mighty He is! 
Prayer request:

Noah has been on an antibiotic because his blood culture was positive for an infection. He is already doing better and has been decreased from 2 antibiotics to just 1.  We are believing for it to clear up very soon so he can get that IV out and be more comfortable. 

Thanks again,