The Boys are One Month Old! 

Happy birthday to my sweet boys! 

Left to right: Noah, Luca, Jaxson  
So much has happened in the last week! We are so happy to report that the boys are all out of the isolettes and are eating on their own, so that means no feeding tubes! 

They are in open cribs now and this is the last step for them before they are able to come home.  They have seriously accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. We are so very proud of them! 

Here is the update on their weights 

  • Jaxson is 5 pounds
  • Luca is 4 pounds 7 ounces
  • Noah is 4 pounds 6 ounces 

The only thing keeping them in the hospital is their occasional episodes of bradycardia which is a sudden drop in their heart rate.  This is a common thing in premie babies and they generally grow out of it, but as long as these are happening they can’t send them home.  They have to not have any episodes for at least 5 days before they can come home. Every time they have an episode the clock starts over again. So prayers are appreciated please! 

We are getting very close to having them home with us! At least one baby could come as early as next week! We are just taking things one day at a time as things can change everyday. It’s getting harder and harder to leave them at the hospital. I just desperately want my babies home where they belong, but I know they are in good hands and if they need a little extra time then that’s okay with me.

Jaxson (baby A) is our “fatty baby” he is always leading the pack in weight. 

Nickname is Action Jaxson because he decided he was ready to come out, thus starting my labor and leading to the birth of our three precious boys. He also likes to move a lot and kick his monitors off of his feet. 

Luca (baby B) is Jaxson’s identical twin.

 His nickname is Laid Back Luca. He was smashed in between Jax and Noah in my belly, so when he was born he wasted no time stretching out and prefers a sprawled out position. 

Noah (baby C) has the most hair. You will have to take my word for it since he has a hat on in this picture. He also likes to smile a lot!

Noah’s nickname is Noisy Noah. He is very vocal and doesn’t so much like when his brothers are getting more attention than him.  He is also known for peeing on the nurses so they have nicknamed him Mr. Peabody.

It’s so funny how they all have their own personalities already. We just can’t wait to get them home so Avah can finally meet them. It has been so hard on her to be patient, but soon and very soon our whole family will be under one roof! 

Thanks for reading!! 💙