Back to the Hospital 

Luca James
Last night Renae noticed that Luca was running a fever. Shortly after noticing this he began to breath very irregularly. He was breathing short shallow breaths. She immediately called the Doctor who told her how to check his respitory rate. They told her the average was someplace around 50. Higher then that and she should bring him to the ER. Luca had a rate of 100 give or take for a margin of error. 

They admitted Luca for the night and monitored him. After running a few tests they believe it to be a bronchial infection and not pneumonia. They are doing blood work trying to determine the exact cause. They have warned us the other boys may come down with whatever this is also. 

Please keep Luca, my wife, Avah and the other boys in your prayers. I will continue to update you as I find information out. Thank you.