Home Sweet Home

Luca James is home sweet home. The Doctor released him yesterday since his vitals were good and he wasn’t having trouble breathing. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Continue to keep him and the family in prayer so that no one else catches whatever he had. 


Back to the Hospital 

Luca James
Last night Renae noticed that Luca was running a fever. Shortly after noticing this he began to breath very irregularly. He was breathing short shallow breaths. She immediately called the Doctor who told her how to check his respitory rate. They told her the average was someplace around 50. Higher then that and she should bring him to the ER. Luca had a rate of 100 give or take for a margin of error. 

They admitted Luca for the night and monitored him. After running a few tests they believe it to be a bronchial infection and not pneumonia. They are doing blood work trying to determine the exact cause. They have warned us the other boys may come down with whatever this is also. 

Please keep Luca, my wife, Avah and the other boys in your prayers. I will continue to update you as I find information out. Thank you. 

So Many Bottles

These boys can EAT! 

Thank you Dr. Brown for making a bottle that is both a life saver in the proverbial sea of infant care and a millstone around my neck. 

These stinking bottles have so many parts! In order to feed the boys we currently need 24 bottles a day and around a liter and a half of formula. These bottles are fantastic for the boys as the help with colic and gas however they are a headache to wash and prepare. Anyone who says, “sleep while they sleep or do dishes/laundry while they sleep” has clearly never had triplets. 
Just figured I’d share my love hate relationship with Dr. Brown. 


Jaxson (left) and Luca (right) are identical twins. Jaxson is clearly much larger then his younger (by 1 minute) brother. This was due to the fact that in the womb Jaxson was taking more of the nutrients from his twin. This is common with twins but it can be dangerous. Luca will eventually catch up with his brother. It’s so funny to watch them interact with each other and with us. They act alike and in close up photos it is nearly impossible to tell them apart.  

God has his hand on these babies from day one and they are absolutely perfect! We are so happy to have all three of our little guys safe, sound, and at home with us. 


Jax The Giant


Today is a wonderful day for our family. We have the privilege to take home 2 out of our 3 baby boys. Luca and Noah will be the first to come home. Jaxson has to stay in the NICU for another 5 days due to a small Bradycardia episode. He is perfectly fine now but the doctors must monitor him for another 5 days before sending him home.

DSC_0219We roomed in last night with the boys and had our first taste of triplet parenting. A few dirty diapers, red eyes, and cups of iced coffee later we managed to survive our first night. Noisy Noah earned his nickname last night. From last night to this afternoon he made noise non-stop. He couldn’t stand to be in his bed knowing his mother was in the room. He wanted to be held all the time. Luca was just as his nickname would lead you to believe: Laid Back.

We are sad to have to leave Jaxson at the NICU but, we know that he is the good hands that will take excellent care of him until he can come home. As of right now Jaxson could come home Saturday at the earliest. Keep Jaxson in your prayers as we’d love to bring him home to meet Avah, and Rue.

Jaxson Duke
Jaxson Duke
Luca James
Luca James
Noah Kemper
Noah Kemper

Random Facts

I’ve learned a few things about preemies:

They give my boys a dose of caffeine to help them to remember to breathe. Because of the boys being born so early their brains haven’t completely developed and so they don’t always remember to breathe. The caffeine helps keep their little brains thinking and so it helps them to remember to breathe. Just think… You take caffeine to remember what you’ve got to do at work and have the energy to complete it… They take caffeine to remember to inhale and exhale! Pretty crazy right?!

Their weight will go down before it goes up… This is true for our little guys. Current weights are:

Jaxson – 3lbs 6oz 

Luca – 2lbs 11oz

Noah – 3lbs

The reason the babies must stay in the isolette is because they can not regulate their own body temperature. When they are moved to a normal crib it is a huge milestone for them!


T3 has made it ONE WEEK! The doctor said they are doing really well and doesn’t foresee any complications. She went on to say it’s a long road ahead but for now we are doing good. All the boys went back under photo therapy this morning. They all are taking food very well and have all be taken off IVs. Jaxson is up to 28cc and Luca and Noah are on 24cc. Jaxson’s IV infiltration is also looking really well. That is an answer to prayer. For now we don’t have much to report. We are just happy the boys are doing well!


Noah is so happy with momma


Dad’s First Touch

My job has me out of town this week and I am extremely sad about this. I want nothing more then to see my boys but “a man who doesn’t work doesn’t eat”. 

Yesterday I finally had the chance to hold one of my boys. AXtion JAXson had his first encounter with dad outside of his isolette. It was an amazing moment to say the least for me. I think he was just happy I was warm. 

Things hadn’t really sunk in yet for me. I know I’ve got 3 baby boys but it just hadn’t hit me. I didn’t really understand the gravity of what God entrusted me with until the moment I took Jaxson into my arms. As the nurse helped get him into my shirt (they prefer to have skin to skin contact) I felt as if she was Atlas placing the world on top of me. Instantly a love came over me that I couldn’t explain or express in that moment. I love these boys more than words could possibly explain. They don’t need to earn my love or do anything to keep it. I love them just because. 

This is the type of love God has for us. It is unconditional and freely given to us just because. What a truly great God to give us such an undeserved love freely. 

As Jaxson slept comfortably on my chest I began to cry. I can’t explain everything I felt in that moment but it was an amazing time. 
My love for my wife, daughter, and boys has grown so much over the past week. God continues to reveal His faithfulness and love to me and I just hope I can show my family what he is showing me.