Home Sweet Home

Luca James is home sweet home. The Doctor released him yesterday since his vitals were good and he wasn’t having trouble breathing. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Continue to keep him and the family in prayer so that no one else catches whatever he had. 


Back to the Hospital 

Luca James
Last night Renae noticed that Luca was running a fever. Shortly after noticing this he began to breath very irregularly. He was breathing short shallow breaths. She immediately called the Doctor who told her how to check his respitory rate. They told her the average was someplace around 50. Higher then that and she should bring him to the ER. Luca had a rate of 100 give or take for a margin of error. 

They admitted Luca for the night and monitored him. After running a few tests they believe it to be a bronchial infection and not pneumonia. They are doing blood work trying to determine the exact cause. They have warned us the other boys may come down with whatever this is also. 

Please keep Luca, my wife, Avah and the other boys in your prayers. I will continue to update you as I find information out. Thank you. 

So Many Bottles

These boys can EAT! 

Thank you Dr. Brown for making a bottle that is both a life saver in the proverbial sea of infant care and a millstone around my neck. 

These stinking bottles have so many parts! In order to feed the boys we currently need 24 bottles a day and around a liter and a half of formula. These bottles are fantastic for the boys as the help with colic and gas however they are a headache to wash and prepare. Anyone who says, “sleep while they sleep or do dishes/laundry while they sleep” has clearly never had triplets. 
Just figured I’d share my love hate relationship with Dr. Brown. 


Jaxson (left) and Luca (right) are identical twins. Jaxson is clearly much larger then his younger (by 1 minute) brother. This was due to the fact that in the womb Jaxson was taking more of the nutrients from his twin. This is common with twins but it can be dangerous. Luca will eventually catch up with his brother. It’s so funny to watch them interact with each other and with us. They act alike and in close up photos it is nearly impossible to tell them apart.  

God has his hand on these babies from day one and they are absolutely perfect! We are so happy to have all three of our little guys safe, sound, and at home with us. 


Jax The Giant


Today is a wonderful day for our family. We have the privilege to take home 2 out of our 3 baby boys. Luca and Noah will be the first to come home. Jaxson has to stay in the NICU for another 5 days due to a small Bradycardia episode. He is perfectly fine now but the doctors must monitor him for another 5 days before sending him home.

DSC_0219We roomed in last night with the boys and had our first taste of triplet parenting. A few dirty diapers, red eyes, and cups of iced coffee later we managed to survive our first night. Noisy Noah earned his nickname last night. From last night to this afternoon he made noise non-stop. He couldn’t stand to be in his bed knowing his mother was in the room. He wanted to be held all the time. Luca was just as his nickname would lead you to believe: Laid Back.

We are sad to have to leave Jaxson at the NICU but, we know that he is the good hands that will take excellent care of him until he can come home. As of right now Jaxson could come home Saturday at the earliest. Keep Jaxson in your prayers as we’d love to bring him home to meet Avah, and Rue.

Jaxson Duke
Jaxson Duke
Luca James
Luca James
Noah Kemper
Noah Kemper

The Boys are One Month Old! 

Happy birthday to my sweet boys! 

Left to right: Noah, Luca, Jaxson  
So much has happened in the last week! We are so happy to report that the boys are all out of the isolettes and are eating on their own, so that means no feeding tubes! 

They are in open cribs now and this is the last step for them before they are able to come home.  They have seriously accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. We are so very proud of them! 

Here is the update on their weights 

  • Jaxson is 5 pounds
  • Luca is 4 pounds 7 ounces
  • Noah is 4 pounds 6 ounces 

The only thing keeping them in the hospital is their occasional episodes of bradycardia which is a sudden drop in their heart rate.  This is a common thing in premie babies and they generally grow out of it, but as long as these are happening they can’t send them home.  They have to not have any episodes for at least 5 days before they can come home. Every time they have an episode the clock starts over again. So prayers are appreciated please! 

We are getting very close to having them home with us! At least one baby could come as early as next week! We are just taking things one day at a time as things can change everyday. It’s getting harder and harder to leave them at the hospital. I just desperately want my babies home where they belong, but I know they are in good hands and if they need a little extra time then that’s okay with me.

Jaxson (baby A) is our “fatty baby” he is always leading the pack in weight. 

Nickname is Action Jaxson because he decided he was ready to come out, thus starting my labor and leading to the birth of our three precious boys. He also likes to move a lot and kick his monitors off of his feet. 

Luca (baby B) is Jaxson’s identical twin.

 His nickname is Laid Back Luca. He was smashed in between Jax and Noah in my belly, so when he was born he wasted no time stretching out and prefers a sprawled out position. 

Noah (baby C) has the most hair. You will have to take my word for it since he has a hat on in this picture. He also likes to smile a lot!

Noah’s nickname is Noisy Noah. He is very vocal and doesn’t so much like when his brothers are getting more attention than him.  He is also known for peeing on the nurses so they have nicknamed him Mr. Peabody.

It’s so funny how they all have their own personalities already. We just can’t wait to get them home so Avah can finally meet them. It has been so hard on her to be patient, but soon and very soon our whole family will be under one roof! 

Thanks for reading!! 💙


3 week update

The boys are doing great! I can’t believe they are already 3 weeks old! There really isn’t too much to share but I thought I would update with weights and some pictures. 😊

  • Jaxson is 4 pounds 6 ounces 
  • Luca is 3 pounds 15 ounces
  • Noah is 4 pounds 

All the boys are now regulating their own body temperature which is a huge accomplishment. They get to wear cute little shirts now (which of course swallow their tiny bodies).

There are now all learning how to take a bottle as well as breastfeed and this can take some time because they haven’t quite developed the reflex to suck yet. This is one of the major things the boys will have to get really good at before being able to come home with us. It could still be several weeks for this to happen, but the boys are all learning and growing everyday and we know they will get the hang of it!
Here is a picture of me feeding Jaxson. 

 Here is Noah 

This is a picture of the twins looking all identical and such 😍  Luca on top and Jaxson on bottom  
Thanks for all the continued prayers and support! They boys are doing great! 
With love,


2 weeks old! 

I can’t believe the boys are already 2 weeks old! Just wanted to give a quick update, they are all doing very well! They are each growing and increasing the amount of milk they are getting and the amount of calories being fortified into the breast milk. I’m trying desperately to keep up with the demand, but it’s inevitable that they will need to be supplemented with some formula eventually, and that’s okay. Producing enough milk for 3 babies is tough! Other than that we really don’t have very much to update, and that is a great thing! They are just trying to fatten the babies up so they can come home with us. 

 Here are a few pictures from Father’s Day! It was such a special moment to get to hold all the babies at the same time. I’m sure they liked being together again too 😊  

Thank you for the continued prayers, clearly they are working! God is so faithful and we are confident he is going to use our boys to show the doctors just how mighty He is! 
Prayer request:

Noah has been on an antibiotic because his blood culture was positive for an infection. He is already doing better and has been decreased from 2 antibiotics to just 1.  We are believing for it to clear up very soon so he can get that IV out and be more comfortable. 

Thanks again,